Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern Review

So I just saw the new Green Lantern movie and I decided to give my review of it. If you don't know what or who the Green Lantern is, basically they are a large community of aliens called the Green Lantern Core and they all live one planet far out in space. The core was made by The Guardians and created a Green Lantern ring which can materialize anything by using energy from the one who wears it. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is chosen to be the next Green Lantern and the first human after one Green Lantern crash lands on earth. The movie is pretty good, but not the best superhero movie I've seen. Granted it is a intro/beginning movie to a whole series. So it had to tell of how Hal Jordan became a Green Lantern and really focused on him and his life. The main villian was somewhat good as a villian, but the source of his power was alot more intimidating. It was this huge blog smoke-like monster that was once one of the Guardians and it feed on fear and could kill anybody by taking the fear, literally right out of their body. The way Hal destroyed it, I thought, was good. There was no other real effective way than that. Overall, the movie was good, if you like superhero movies. Could have been better, more action and fighting. I would give it a 7/10. Not the best movie but not that terrible either. Go see it for yourself to form your own opinion.

- Silent Siege

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lazy E3 2011 Thoughts.

So I was going to put in my thoughts of E3, but I was too lazy and decided to just add a video instead. This person has a good review of the main 3 Press Conferences at E3 2011. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. I agree pretty much 100% with here thoughts.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Thoughts on X-Men First Class

So I just saw X-Men First Class. I really enjoyed it and for me, it's a good movie. It's cool to see how the X-Men started out and the relationship between Charles Xavier and Eric aka Magneto. Now I don't really know how the series started officially and according to the comic books, but it's still a good movie. There's a hilarious cameo of one fan favorite x-men, but I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen the movie. The plot of the movie is pritty good. But again, I don't want to spoil it. If you're a big X-men fan, you might or might not like it depending on how you feel, but I would say go see it. I give it a 8/10. Not perfect, but not terrible. A good movie experience.

- Silent Siege

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Thought from Bumps INF

This is from a Christian rapper who tweeted this recentley and I thought it was a real good message.

Love is "kind". The antithesis of kindness is manipulation. Whenever your kind to somebody with an ulterior motive, your being manipulative. Do you act kind to people just because deep down, you want them to "get saved" or "join your church" ? Love people. No strings attached. I often wonder, what if I denounced God, and became an atheist/agnostic, how many people would quickly drop out of my life?...Wouldn't that reveal who actually "loves" me??...just a thought..

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- Silent Siege

Those I've Left Behind

Here is a poem I found that I really liked.

Those I've left behind

My friend I hope you'll never read these words upon my heart.
My fear is that I've let you down, and failed to do my part.
The time has come we talked about, that day when we last spoke,
The time when Satan's hold upon this earth would soon be broke.
My greatest wish for you had been that you should come with me.
But now a distance stands between us greater than the sea.
The Lord who saved me now has come, that's why I can't be found.
The sin I held was lifted, when He took it to the mound.
I'm not a greater man than you; I've never said I was.
There were none righteous; sin is something every person does.
I pray the choices that you made were chosen by your will,
And not because I was afraid to witness to you still.
Perhaps I should have spent more time to tell you of His grace.
My friend, I'd give so much to have you with me in this place.
But nothing that has happened here has ever been my choice.
I only tried as best I could to listen to His voice.
This letter gives me one more chance, to tell you of His love.
Of how He left His kingdom and its glory far above.
He came and died upon a cross for those who turned away.
That through Him, those who once were lost, could see that He's the way.
He saw our sins so long before we ever drew a breath,
And in his mercy, buried every sin with Him in death.
I know you feel abandoned as you slowly look around.
You'll see it more each day that comes; now evil must abound.
Those who did not trust in Christ, who once were left behind,
Now trust in Him with all their hearts, their hope, their soul, and mind.
You may not know his name just yet, but pray you'll recognize,
The one who rules the earth will be the wicked Son of Lies.
And for a time he'll seek to crush the Word before they speak.
But know our Lord will stand with them; He's strong when they are weak.
There's precious little time to pass from when we disappear,
And when our Lord will come again, the end of times is near.
Please know it's not too late, you see, His mercy didn't end,
The day He called His children home, and millions did ascend.
These times of tribulation are the final given years,
To trust upon the One who gave so much to spare our tears.
The blood He spilled upon the cross still flows for you today.
If you could earn this gift yourself, that price He wouldn't pay.
I'll have to leave you now to make the choice you must decide.
To die within your sins or join us at the Savior's side.
I mourn for all the suffering, in these times to be endured.
But know that if you trust in Him, salvation is assured.
I hope this letter will be enough, for time cannot rewind.
And the only words you'll hear from me, are those I've left behind.

- Silent Siege

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Other Ways to Find Me in the Interwebs

There are other places where you can find me if you so desire. YouTube, twitter, facebook, and ustream.

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Here is where I do my Live streams of games. I'm not here very often though:
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And here is my personal facebook page:
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So that is all my main social networks I keep up with so feel free to follow me on any of those if you would like to.


Hello, my name is Christopher Higgins aka CJ. This blog is where I will be posting my thoughts on whatever pops into my head or I think will get others thinking. Also, this is where I will be posting my poems when I get the urge to write. My poet name is Silent Siege as given to me by my good friends Jacob and Ami Martinez. So please stay tuned as I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.